The Active Essex Foundation has been set up to use physical activity and sport to engage and support the most deprived communities across Essex.

We will work in partnership with local organisations to engage harder to reach communities and under-represented groups across our county including; individuals and families living in areas of deprivation, low income groups, at risk young people, those with poor physical and mental health, People with disabilities, women and girls, BAME groups, faith groups and LGBT communities.

Our Aims are to use sport and physical activity to:

  • Inspire communities to become more active, therefore leading healthier, happier, more positive lives
  • Raise aspirations, confidence, skills and knowledge, improving employability and enabling individuals to reach full potential
  • Strengthen, unify and improve community cohesion, breaking down barriers and addressing inequalities
  • Improve physical and mental health wellbeing
  • Impact on the reduction of crime and anti-social behaviour

We will deliver this by:

  • Working with and through the Essex eco-system to increase opportunities for people to take part in physical activity and sport in their community
  • Gain insight into activities local people need, and engage with communities to ensure that we can deliver this offer
  • Growing capacity locally to sustain activities beyond the life of projects
  • Work with agencies in the sector to access resources for the benefit of the population of greater Essex