The Active Essex Foundation is currently fundraising for a vital new project aimed at utilising the power of Physical Activity to tackle the anti-social behaviour of young people in Southend.

So far we have kindly received a charitable grant from Fowler, Smith and Jones. Fowler, Smith and Jones are an Essex based grant giving trust, supporting charities across numerous domains including Youth and Community. We are still looking for further funding for the project to commence. If you would like to help this project please contact us here.


What’s Happening?

In 2013 the number of children entering the youth justice system in Southend was 36% above the national average. Developed and delivered in partnership with Achievement Through Football we are hoping to use the excitement of activity to help develop healthier and happier young people. Building their confidence and character whilst offering alternative solutions to anti-social behaviour.

We empower the young people to take control in the delivery of the project, offering them a voice in order to create a safe space where they can flourish.