We are currently developing a project in partnership with Motivated Minds to tackle the rising issue of mental health disorder, specifically in Basildon.

We have so far been successful in securing part funding for this from the Charles S French Charitable Trust, however we are still in the process of sourcing the funding required for this project to be successful, if you would like further information about how you can be involved in supporting this programme then please click here.


What’s Happening?

We have several objectives for the project:

  1. Improved physical and mental health through an increase in weekly activity levels;
  2. Increase in positive relationships with peers through involvement in meaningful and enjoyable activities;
  3. Improved mental wellbeing through increases in self-confidence, resilience, and social skills;
  4. Young people empowered to speak about their mental health


The project is far greater than a simple sports programme. By setting our objectives on more holistic factors we ensure that the wellbeing of the participants is our main focus. This allows us to be flexible and adaptable depending on the needs at that particular moment of time.