Meet Suzanne

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About Suzanne

Suzanne previously worked for over 24 years with Barnardos leading on projects for children and families (SureStart and Childrens Centres programme across Essex) before establishing projects and new services with Criminal Justice partners. Suzanne developed and led a team to deliver ‘Children Affected by Parental Imprisonment (CAPI) prison and community support services and the Hidden Sentence and Invisible Lives courses training. Along with establishing a project with Ministry of Defence at the Military Corrective Training Centre Colchester (MCTC). Which advice and supported detainees and their families from across Military bases in the UK and Europe

In her role at Active Essex Foundation Suzanne has been able to bring her passion, experience and skills for developing projects that help and support families and young people to Southend, Essex and Thurrock. Suzanne has established the Sports and Life Skills project that works with a range of youth justice agencies and community sports providers to engage and offer young people opportunities to partake in sporting activities and receive guidance and mentoring support along with opportunities to gain training awards and volunteering placements.

Outside of work Suzanne is a mother of 5 boys, and enjoys holidays, adventurous activities and experiences

Email address: [email protected]