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ABCD Spotlight - Freshwell Low Carb Community

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This week one of the Active Essex Foundation team was lucky enough to visit the Freshwell Low Carb Community in Halstead and even caught a Munchie Monday with some tasty low carb treats on offer!

Originally set up in the Freshwell Health Centre, the project grew out of concern about the rise in incidence of type 2 diabetes over the last few years, alongside the widely reported rapid increase in obesity in the UK population. As a result of the Freshwell Low Carb Programme a community group started. Firstly, as a community Facebook group before raising the question of meeting other local members who are on a low carb journey too. To date this has substantially grown into five drop in sessions, for socialising, sharing recipes, successes and questions. They also take part in Park Runs or Park walks, started their own informal swimming group, local group exercise sessions and classes adapted to their needs (check out the flyers below). There is also support from local GPs and who meet monthly for sharing updates and Q+A sessions and are supported by local Drs. The vision from the group is to continue to grow the community and one day have a low carb community support group in every area.

Jamie Rhodes, Sport for Development Officer said;

"On my visit it was clear to me how this group is a real strength in their community and are very much in the ‘By’ and ‘with’ spaces on the ABCD Helper’s Crossroads. When I spoke to members of the Fox and Herb Halstead drop in, I picked up that the people involved are the assets from the group leader and organiser to a member who is able to share their extensive knowledge with others, to a passionate swimmer who has organised the Carb Crawlers swimming group all with the support of the Freshwell Low Carb Programme. In addition to this they have been able to unlock personal skills in cooking and recognise other local assets that can help the group. "

The Facebook group alone is flourishing with 1,100 members registered. If you are interested, you can find out more by searching for Freshwell Low Carb Support Group on Facebook or visit About - Freshwell Low Carb Project (lowcarbfreshwell.com).