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Careers Week 2024

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Apprentice 8

This March, we want to highlight careers week and help young people feel excited for their future. Considering which sector to work in depends on your skills, interest and goals which is an exciting journey to start as you explore and develop your career.

Getting a job can often seem daunting but it’s important to remember that any job is experience and expands your skills and knowledge. Choosing a career path at a young age isn’t necessary, not everything has to be mapped out as we discover new skills and likes as we grow that could open new doors to new jobs and opportunities.

One way to begin your career journey is to highlight what skills you believe are an asset and any skills you would like to develop. Skills like this don’t have to be learnt through education but could relate to organisation, passion or mentoring. Alternatively, these could be more specific skills for example IT or computer skills. Employers often look for willingness to learn new skills and develop existing ones so to understand where you thrive is important.

Working in the sport sector can be extremely fulfilling and interesting. Working within the sport sector doesn’t only mean becoming an athlete or coach, there are a wide range of opportunities and pathways available from marketing to community development to project management to name a few! Explore the Active Essex job opportunities page for some ideas and inspiration:

At the Active Essex Foundation, our projects not only provide sport and physical activities but also opportunities in mentoring and life skills sessions to broaden options for employment. Also, some projects like the BoxSmart on the Ropes offer pathways for young people to acquire sports related qualifications and awards which can help both their journey as a volunteer and employee.

The vision of the Active Essex Foundation is to support those from areas of deprivation and those at risk of youth criminality. Helping these young people to access skills sessions and learn more about themselves and their goals will ultimately provide a path for them to enter their career journey.

This careers week, have a think about your future and consider where you want to grow and develop as a person while moving along your career journey.

Find out more about Careers Week here: