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Witham Networking Event

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Team AEF

Active Essex Foundation (Sport and Youth Crime Prevention Project) hosted a networking event at Team Kinetix Parkour in Witham. A lot of Sport and Activities providers attended to meet, discuss their work and share ideas and practises. They were joined by Quinton Green from MMAP workshops and Knife Crime Victim Support charity who spoke about adding poetry, spoken word, music, film to interventions. There were others such as Read Easy who provide reading coaching for adults and we also spoke about Multiply who work to improve numeracy.

Jim White, AEF Sport and Youth Crime Prevention Project Manager said;

β€œ..This event gave everyone the chance to meet up and chat, but also hopefully widened the horizons of the sports providers to other life skills they could include within their interventions. Everyone seemed to get something out of it”.

It was a great day with additional opportunities for all to try some streetdance, acrobatics and parkour – and no serious injuries resulted! We hope that the team can attend more networking events such as this in the future to discuss further great work carried out and meet potential new partners and groups. Working together as a collective, has meant that we have been able to share important ideas in regards to crime prevention and using interventions that involve physical activity is a great way to show young people the wide range of opportunities available to them.