BoxSmart 'On the Ropes'

BoxSmart 'On the Ropes'

BoxSmart 'On the Ropes' will involve a 12 week programme that engages young people in activity to improve mental and physical well-being

Active Essex Foundation (AEF) BoxSmart ‘On the Ropes’ Sports and Life skills project is a referral-based intervention project aimed at young people aged between 11-18 years in targeted areas across Essex and Thurrock.

AEF works with specialist Community Sports Providers to offer a 12-week provision that aims to engage with young people who are inactive, to increase their access to sports and physical activities, and inspire them to learn a new skill.

The project takes a multi-agency approach to engage and support young people (via referral process) to address and reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB) and community disruption seen within key areas of Essex and Thurrock, as identified by local police teams, VVU data, Youth Services (YS) and other agencies. The course content also covers the risks of exploitation (CSE/CCE) which can lead onto youth criminality, serious violence and crime.

Each course is designed to have a blend of sports and physical activities, alongside mentoring and lifeskills sessions, and opportunities for attendees to gain sports related qualifications and awards with the possibility of becoming youth volunteer leaders.

BoxSmart ‘On the Ropes’ also has a secondary aim of addressing inequalities and removing barriers experienced by some young people, especially prevalent in areas of multiple deprivation, factors that can lead to greater exposure to exploitation and youth criminality.

Each course provides the opportunity for young people to access local youth provisions and sporting facilities, along with support and guidance in a safe environment from trusted adults.

Our vision is that everyone, no matter what their personal or socioeconomic background, has the opportunity to engage in physical activities in order to reach their full potential and seek the support they need.