Sport and Life Skills Project

Sport and Life Skills Project

20 organisations are involved, working directly with the Youth Offending Service.

Commencing in November 2021 the Sport and Life Skills Project has been embedded within the work of the Youth Offending Service who have now agreed to scale and replicate across the whole of Essex and Southend, whilst we have Thurrock in sight.

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Active Essex Foundation (AEF) Sports and Life Skills project working partnership with youth and adult Criminal Justice teams including Essex Youth Offending Service (YOS), Probation, Police and Essex County Council Involvement service teams (MACE, RIC and CICC) along with Community Sports and Life Skills providers known as Locally Trusted Organisations (LTOs) to engage and work with young people (up to 25yrs old) using a blend of sports, physical activities alongside mentoring, life skills, volunteering and training opportunities across Essex, Southend and Thurrock.

Young people are referred to AEF Sports and Life Skills programme and based on their location and interests are assigned a local LTO who can offer support, guidance and sporting activities.

Each placement is monitored and evaluated for outcomes and changes in behaviour based on aims and objectives set by young people and the referrer.

Since is establish, the project has seen over 250 young people attending LTO sessions and receiving support. The project has grown from 6 LTOs to now over 20 specialists' providers.

The project has three member of the AEF team who work closely with referrers and LTOs: Sports and youth Crimes prevention Navigator, Sports Connector and Sports Enabler to receive referrals and offer either AEF direct 1-1 support to the young person or connect them to an LTO who can offer 1-1 and/or group based interventions on their behalf.

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Sport and Activity Enabler Impact Report

AEF Sports and Youth Crime Prevention programme, in partnership with Essex County Council Involvement Service, were funded by Essex Violence and Vulnerability Unit (VVU) to provide a specialist provision under the Sports and Life’s Skills programme.

The Sports and Activity Enabler project offered ‘additionality’ to the work of the Essex County Council Involvement Service, in the support they provide to children and young people (10-18yrs) who are facing single or multiple complex issues. An AEF Sports and Activity Enabler was appointed to work closely with the Involvement team, which included Mace (Missing and Child Exploitation), Risk in the Community (RIC) team and Children in Care Council (CICC) to receive referrals, and collectively identify support services that will engage and inspire young people, based on their interests and match them to local community sports and physical activities providers, known as Local Trusted Organisations (LTOs). The service contributed to young people’s safety plans and reduced risk through a pro-social approach, raising aspirations and providing new opportunities.

Read the full report here for details on the Sports and Activity Enabler project.

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Summary Infographic

To highlight some of 22-23 delivery and evaluation, please take a look at our infographic report which details the impact this project has had across the county.

6 organisations are involved in our Sports and Lifeskills project who deliver across Essex, Thurrock and Southend. There's a wide range of activities and movements offered to the young people involved and these ensure they're engaged in physical activity, not limited to what they can try and enjoy!

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